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Card Clumping

Many people ask about taking advantage of card clumping in Blackjack. Card Clumping originated in 1983 with the Target (Table Research, Grading and Evaluation Technique) system developed by Eddie Olsen and marketed by Jerry Patterson. To his credit, Eddie Olsen has since backed away from this system. Jerry Patterson still pushes the concept to this day.

Such systems call for table selection, and sometimes progressive betting, based on the concept that decks become arranged in orders more or less favorable to the player and that clumps of high or low cards can be determined by patterns of wins and losses.

In my opinion, anyone that claims that systems based on card clumping work is a fraud. There are statements on the Internet that Ken Uston gave credence to card clumping in his newsletters. If you read his newsletters, this is clearly not the point that he was trying to make. He stated that at one time, 30 years ago, in one casino, there was a bad shuffle. The bad shuffle lasted for a few weeks and was fixed. That's it. So, if you have a time machine, learn card clumping and find that casino:)

Meanwhile, shuffle-tracking and Ace prediction do work. Of course they require substantial effort.

    “With every mistake we must surely be learning”

      - George Harrison, While my Guitar gently weeps

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