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Call for a Truce

I think that it is important that we realize and admit that there exists some sleaze on both sides of the table. Visit any bookstore and you will see that the great Blackjack books are intermingled with books guaranteeing $893 a day via concepts with no basis in reality. The various Blackjack forums can help guide people away from the voodoo. But, there are also forums where such concepts are proselytized.

Unfortunately we also have a history of fighting one another. The largest battle begun by one member of our community denigrating the best of our authors in his attempt to spur the courts into changing the rules of Atlantic City Blackjack for his own personal purposes. And we have those that wish to keep card-counters separated into competing cliques due to their own petty disagreements. They will stir the pot whenever it appears that peace might break out.

Does it matter? I think that it matters every time that a card-counter is back-roomed and goes to court to fight for his rights. If our image is that of a sleazy bunch of gamblers constantly at war with each other; why would a court or a jury sympathize with our perfectly legitimate claims? Yes we play cards. But among us are also a group of highly intelligent mathematicians, statisticians and just plain clever people many of whom freely donate their time and efforts to helping others. Let us work to put that face forward.

It is time for us to remember that the enemy is the casinos.

    “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”

                -Walt Kelly

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