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6:5 Blackjack

You may have noticed the disturbing proliferation of 6:5 Blackjack in Las Vegas. 6:5 Blackjack means that a Blackjack pays $6 for every $5 bet instead of $7.50 for $5. This is a fundamental change to the game of Blackjack. 6:5 Blackjack strategy is very simple. Do not play.

Let us be very clear; 6:5 Blackjack is not Blackjack at all. The name Blackjack was given to Vingt-et-un in 1912 when the 3:2 bonus was invented. The very definition of Blackjack requires a 3:2 payoff for Blackjack. Now 90 years later the casinos thought no one would notice if they gutted the game. And they may be right. Few people seem to think that it matters. But look at the effect on the house edge:


In this chart, DAS means Double after Split and H17 means dealer Hits on Soft 17. If a casino calls a game Blackjack but in small letters says Blackjack pays 6:5, it is a fraud. You should not play 6:5 Blackjack. In my opinion, you should not play any Blackjack at a casino offering this fraud. You should not gamble at all in such a casino, or stay in its hotel or eat in its restaurants.

    “My God it would terrify them . . .”

      - Sardar Patel on the concept of a general strike proposed by Mahatma Ghandi

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